10 Meaningful and Budget-Friendly Gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. If you have run out of gift ideas for your loved ones, we’ve gathered great suggestions below – some of which don’t even cost a dime!

10. Teach them a skill. If you play an instrument, offer to take the time to teach the basics to someone special in your life. Have you perfected the 3-point shot on the basketball court or the perfect tee stance in golf? Share that knowledge (and have some fun) with them! Knitting, crafts, cooking and teaching foreign languages to others are also great ideas!

9. Explore your hometown together. Do some research and discover fascinating facts and interesting landmarks that you might not have known about your town. If there are tours (history, architectural, etc.) schedule one of those and enjoy a day out on the town.

8. Prepare a favorite meal. Is there a meal that instantly brings up fond memories? Or a favorite meal at a restaurant that you can learn to recreate? Surprise someone special with a ready to eat feast or have them join you in the preparation of a meal to share!

7. Donate on their behalf. What are their special interests? Find an organization and donate in their name. Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, and Toys for Tots are great organizations. Make sure to do some research on any charitable organization you consider. The more you know, the better decision you can make as to where to donate!

6. Get outside. Go for a hike (and bring a picnic lunch in your backpack) or pitch a tent and stay out all night. Stepping away from screens this time of year is truly a gift.

5. Help them check one item off their bucket list. Perhaps they dream of training for a triathlon or putting their feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Do what you can to get them one step closer to completing that goal.

4. Show your support of their favorite team or musician. Buy them tickets to a sporting event or upcoming concert. If it involves a road trip, even better!

3. Lend a hand. Take one item off their to-do list. From putting up the Christmas lights to taking them down, making that dreaded Costco run, or shoveling snow. Find out where you might be able to lighten their load and lend a hand. It might be something as simple as babysitting their children, so they can have time to check things off their own list!

2. TV or Movie marathon. Services such as Netflix and Hulu have made it easy to binge watch and catch up on missed episodes of a favorite program. Or, if they have an all-time favorite movie (Titanic, Gone with the Wind, Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings are popular in my house), set aside a day to watch together.  Pop some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket and enjoy time with one another.

1. Give the gift of education. Lifelong learning is a necessity in today’s world. Sign your loved one up for a course. There are many options for personal enrichment, professional development, career training in a field they love, continuing education credits, or online courses for college credit. Show that you support their learning endeavors by putting them on the right path!

At Ed4Career, we believe we are forever changed by everything we learn. We are proud to offer hundreds of courses across many interests and fields in order to help facilitate this change in learners everywhere. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you give the gift of education – either to yourself or someone you care about.