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September 5th, 2014
Angela Caban

With the need for skilled laborers and the trades industry not able to find enough qualified applicants, transitioning servicemembers have a great opportunity for finding work.

National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active-duty military members can obtain the career training needed for job opportunities in the skilled trades industry. Here are the career courses available:

September 3rd, 2014
Angela Caban
The equation of Skilled Trades is a simple one... Skilled Trades = America. Without Skilled Trades, there is NO America. We live in a country that is constantly growing and with this growth, we are in need of more skilled laborers.
August 29th, 2014
Angela Caban

What is a Wedding Consultant?

August 22nd, 2014
Angela Caban

Teachers, parents and pretty much any adult I ever came into contact with as a child asked me that very important question we have all been asked and ask kids today: “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” In order of what I wanted to be from ages 3-18: truck driver, teacher, Nun (yes, I am not joking), Chef.

August 20th, 2014
Angela Caban

The Paralegal Field is booming and it is also a great portable career choice for military spouses.

August 13th, 2014
Angela Caban

When businesses hire military veterans, the workforce gains invaluable skills because of military training. As a veteran transitioning out of the military, you may have doubts about the type of jobs out there and whether or not you may qualify for it. Employers take on the job training such as military experience, but if you are looking in another field you have no experience in - there are options for you to obtain the training in that field in as little as 60 days and use your GI bill and tuition assistance in the process.

August 8th, 2014
Angela Caban

What is Child Day Care Management?

Preschool and childcare center directors are responsible for all aspects of their program. They direct and lead staff, oversee daily activities, and prepare plans and budgets.


Preschool and childcare center directors typically do the following:

August 1st, 2014
Angela Caban

What is a Teacher's Aide?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, becoming a teacher's aide is a good career choice because employment is expected to increase by 10 percent in the next decade. Teacher aides assist the lead teacher in the classroom with a variety of tasks and students. They may assist students in the classroom by helping them individually, as well as assisting teachers outside during breaks. They can choose to work with various populations, including special education children or preschool children.


July 25th, 2014
Angela Caban

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created to protect the American people from terrorist threats. According to their website, DHS's vision is a "secure and resilient nation that effectively prevents terrorism in ways that preserve our freedom and prosperity."

July 23rd, 2014
Angela Caban

The certificate seems to be little-understood. So let's talk about why a certificate can benefit you in your job search or current career...

First, job requirements will always vary based on the position and industry. This is why it is very important to think about what it is you truly want to do, then research the career and industry in your surrounding areas. A certification program can open up new opportunities for you and your career.

What is a Certificate?