3 Holiday Tips for Online Students

The holidays provide a wonderful time to slow down, catch your breath and enjoy time with friends and family. However, the lack of schedule and structure, while refreshing, can wreak havoc on the online student’s schedule. While we all need a break, and it’s tempting to set aside coursework until the New Year, you don’t want to get too far behind and have to play “catch up” in January.

  1. Make a plan. Look at the weeks ahead. Plan to take days off, enjoy the holiday and spend time with family and friends. But also make sure to schedule time on your calendar for your online courses. You may need to get up early, or stay up late – but block out chunks of time to focus on your assignments.  
  2. Check in daily. Stay in the habit of logging in to your classes, checking discussion boards, looking for notes from your mentors. This way, there should be no surprises at the start of the year!
  3. Look ahead. Plan out what will need to happen in January when the holidays are over. What is your timetable for course completion? What are important due dates or upcoming projects? Work backward on your calendar, allotting enough time each week to help you reach your goal.

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Holiday breaks provide an exciting time to nurture yourself, while also continuing to nurture your future. These next few weeks will be whatever you make of them. So, make them joyful and productive! Our educational consultants are just a click away and will be happy to help you decide on a course or certification program that might meet your needs. Contact us today!