3 Ways to Have a Stress Free Back-to-School Experience!

It seems like just yesterday we traded in the textbooks and pencils for sunglasses and flip flops. Summer has breezed by and now it is time to go back to the classroom! Preparing kids and parents to go back to school can cause anxiety and stress. Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your family get off to a stress free school year.

  • Get Organized

Encourage your learners to organize their backpacks. Be sure to label everything! Pick out outfits for the week so everything is ready to grab and go. Find a place in your home where you create a homework station. Here is a tutorial for building a homework station using magnets.

  • What’s for lunch?

Find creative ways to make lunch yummy and fun. You can create homemade lunchables, have theme lunches for special occasions, and let your aspiring chef’s help. Make a fiesta lunch with chips, salsa and sour cream. Another way to make lunch boxes exciting is by adding notes. My favorite notes are silly jokes, I love knowing I add a smile to my child’s day. Here are some super cute silly jokes your kids will love! 

  • What is on the schedule today?

Set up a calendar and board somewhere everyone will see it (possibility by your new homework station). Talk to the other parents on your son’s soccer team or in your daughter’s class, work together and trade off taxi duty.Don’t overcommit! Wonder if your family is suffering from overscheduling? Check this article.

Starting a new school year can be stressful, but is doesn’t have to be. Getting organized, getting your meals planned and schedules synced can really make you and your family’s school year a success.