The 5 Moments in Which We Learn

More and more students of all ages are signing up for online education courses. The reasons why are varied. Understanding their learning needs can help college administrators, teachers and online course creators tailor learning experiences to the individual student.

Mosher & Gottfredson have identified five moments in which we learn.

  • When you are learning how to do something for the first time (New)
  • When you are expanding the breadth and depth of what you have previously learned (More)
  • When remembering and/or applying what's been learned (Apply)
  • When using your knowledge to solve a problem (Solve)
  • When things are changing, and you must learn a new way of doing something (Change)

Online courses can meet the needs of all these learning moments. As a student, understanding what moment of need you are seeking to meet can help you select the best type of course or learning method to reach your goals. While there are opportunities for informal learning at any one of these stages, more formal instruction may be necessary for other moments.

For example, if you have a leaking faucet; a quick Google search might result in suggestions for repair, including video options, step-by-step guides, or information on how to reach a local plumber. For individuals looking to obtain training for a new skill or a new career altogether; more in-depth formal education may be required.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important than ever for individuals to stay current in the skills needed to do their job correctly. If one doesn’t grow, they may not have the advancement opportunities available to others who seek out continuous learning experiences.

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