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Beautiful family
May 18th, 2022
Kris Powers

Deployments are rough on a solider. Being in a combat environment with associated dangers, while being away from family and friends can be difficult. It’s also especially hard on the spouse who has no control or knowledge of what is going on while their spouse is overseas. They can be waiting days or weeks to hear from them only to get a short phone call with no details as to what is happening in their soldier’s life. It’s important to know how to support a loved one who is waiting at home as patiently as possible for their spouse to return to them.

Credit: iStockPhoto Ukrainian Flag
March 12th, 2022
Kris Powers

With new information released every day on world events, military spouses are watching the news or reading updates from other spouses and worrying about their soldier’s possible future deployment. Taking in all this new information, they slowly get that gut wrenching feeling that they will soon be informed their spouse is getting shipped out to fight in a never-ending war.