8 Tips to Make You Hire-ly Desirable

If you are seeking a promotion, looking for a job change or are considering a total career change, now is the perfect time to gain a professional advantage by enhancing your skills and qualifications to set yourself apart in today’s competitive business environment.

Online opportunities have made it easier than ever to brush up on skills you need. Where do you start?

  1. Research the most in-demand skills for your occupation. Do your research and uncover the skills most in demand for your profession. Look at wanted ads and read what companies are listing as desired skills and capabilities for jobs that you are interested in.
  2. Create a professional development plan. Do a self-assessment and make a list of the skills you may be lacking, or where improvement or skill-strengthening are needed.
  3. Invest in yourself by taking continuing education courses online. Online courses are a convenient, cost effective way to obtain the training you need. Many local colleges offer courses designed to help adults upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  4. Attend professional networking events online and sign up for webinars. These options can give you access to professionals in your field and help you make important connections.
  5. Follow industry professionals on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – there are any number of social sites on which to find industry leaders. But don’t just “follow” – work to build a connection and get involved in the conversation.
  6. Explore certification opportunities. Certifications can help boost reliability in your field and demonstrate a commitment to staying current in your profession.
  7. Remember – softs skills are equally as important as hard skills. Interpersonal soft skills are an integral part of a well-developed employee. Creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication are all desirable personal traits. These soft skills, and others, help you work effectively with others, and on your own.
  8. Never be complacent. Technology and the skills needed to stay productive in the workforce are developing rapidly. Embrace lifelong learning and keep your skills current to remain marketable.

Upgrading your skills and keeping pace with developments in your industry will keep you current and highly marketable. Set yourself up for professional and personal success by investing in your skills and knowledge today!

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