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Mlitary service member with laptop
July 14th, 2022
Guest Blogger

When you get out of the military, you must find a different job so that you can earn a decent living. There are many jobs available that are great for veterans, but one of the best career paths that veterans can choose is entrepreneurship. Here are five steps to take when you want to start a business as a veteran.

Choose the Type of Business You Want to Run

Female professional with laptop
June 2nd, 2022
Kris Powers

When it’s time to job search you may create many accounts with different companies, giving them your information and allowing yourself and your information to be more easily viewed by people searching for you. For example, on LinkedIn and Indeed you keep your profile open for people to look you up for possible new job opportunities. While these websites and job search functions were created with the best of intentions, you should remember that not everyone who has access to your information may not have your best interests at heart.