Back To School With MyCAA

Thinking About Going Back to School?

With all of the back to school talk does it make you think maybe it is time for you to go back too? There are so many benefits of going back to school at any age. Here are just a few:

You Learn Something New Everyday

School offers an opportunity to think about things differently. You will learn from others, professors and classmates. They will allow you to explore different ideas and understand people better.

You Will Bring Home the Bacon

Education and training will help you land a career not a job! With the stability of a career you can better provide for you family.

You Will Have Something to Do

Being a military spouse/stay at home mom you probably spend a lot of time at home. Why not use this time to better yourself. You can go to school online, so you do not have to leave the little ones.

You Can Go for Free

With the MyCAA Scholarship you can receive training in fantastic careers at little to no cost to you. MyCAA is designed for military spouses to be educated in portal careers so no matter where you are you will be able to find a job in your career field.

You Can Take it With You

As a military spouse, home is always temporary and jobs are fleeting. When you are educated in career fields such as medical, legal, or creative fields you can perform these anywhere in the country and world.

We Can Help You

Ed4Career is committed to helping military spouses become educated and trained in high demand careers. We know the challenges military spouses face so all of the classes we offer are self-paced and completely online. We also have education consultants and career coaches to assist you with all of your education and career goals from start to finish. Ed4Career partners with MSCCN/CASY which is a nonprofit organization to help place military spouses in careers once you have completed your training.