The Benefits of Attending Professional Conferences

Ed4Career recently attended the National Council for Continuing Education & Training (NCCET) Annual Conference in Boston and the HealthStream Summit in Nashville.

Why do we attend conferences such as these?

At Ed4Career, we believe that we are forever changed by everything we learn. We support “evolution through education”. It is our goal to facilitate this evolution by providing a high-quality learning platform and straightforward curriculum in the areas of career development, personal enrichment and professional development. We seek out and partner with premier organizations to ensure that we keep up to date on the important issues, trends, programs, tools, resources and legislation in the industry. Exhibiting at conferences such as these allows us to not only expand our professional network, but to learn from one another; as networking with professionals outside our company gives us a broader perspective of the marketplace. Our affiliation with professional organizations ensures that we are up to date on the best practices in workforce, continuing and community education.

Every year, as we make our selections of which trade shows and conferences to attend, we consider what will be most beneficial for our partners, our schools and our students. It’s important for leaders in education, workforce professionals as well as learning professionals to step outside of their offices and their campuses and discover what’s new in the industry. Doing so will not only ensure that you stay current on your field, it can be invigorating and give you new ideas to implement in the future!