The Benefits of Military Spouse Support Groups

There are many support groups available for spouses to communicate with each other, ask questions, vent, share stories and lift each other up. This type of support is invaluable. Spouses share information about dealing with deployment, child rearing, education, and the struggles of finding employment as a military spouse.

I was on a military spouse page the other day, and saw the following post:


This post really resonated with me. It can be hard and frustrating to be a military spouse. Mentally and physically. You are not alone. Sourcing out support groups to help network and talk about how you’re feeling can make it a bit easier. Join the in-person or social media support groups at the base you’re stationed at, it helps to hear what others ask or talk about. Sometimes just knowing others feel what you feel can help the struggles seem a little easier and your burdens a little lighter.

But no matter how hard things get, don’t stop trying to create your own future. Obtain training in a portable career – one that can more easily move with you during frequent PCS. Learn how to Highlight your skills on your resume. Contact military friendly companies to inquire about employment opportunities.

And if your current career won't travel easily with you to your next duty station? Contact Military Career Education to learn more about online portable career training! There are many fascinating fields to choose from!