Counseling Awareness Month

The American Counseling Association (ACA) has named April Counseling Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Train Your Brain with Counseling”. Getting your worries out in the open, particularly with someone trained to help you manage them, is a good thing for your well-being.

In an article for the Huffington post, Editor Lindsay Holmes states research has shown that verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Lindsay’s article examines 4 Ways Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy. You can click the link for the full article; but below is an excerpt from the post:

1.Therapy can help you handle emotions from problems or stressors, even if they aren’t dramatically life-altering or traumatic: In other words, anyone can benefit from therapy. You don’t have to have gone through a huge life event or trauma to benefit. Talking with a professional offers insight on what you are feeling, why, and how those emotions might be affecting your everyday life and relationships.

2. Life coaches can hold you accountable for your goals: The major benefit of seeing someone is that it brings you support and creates accountability when it comes to going after your goals. Having someone hold you accountable will keep you engaged in the therapy process, and help you measure your success and progress along the way.

3. Talking with someone can help you find purpose: When you speak to a professional, whether it be a life coach or a therapist, they can help you define goals to bring more meaning and purpose to both your professional and personal lives. Working towards a goal can bring confidence and peace of mind – both extremely beneficial.

4. A professional can help you dissect a problem — then help you figure out how to solve it: Just as a life coach can help you identify steps to make a significant change in your life, therapy can help you develop strategies to handle personal hardships you may be facing.

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