Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Networking is crucial to your employment now. It’s all about who you know to land these beginning roles in your new careers. Being a military spouse can isolate you (a lot of times) from creating a social atmosphere that helps a lot of people network into careers. LinkedIn is your professional networking site. While you are completing your degree or certifications you can begin your job search by creating your LinkedIn profile. Check out the site and navigate around. It’s very simple to input your name and contact information first as well as the career or industry you are currently working in or that you are completing your training for.

Once you login, start on the home page. It allows you to go through steps to follow pages or people you’re interested in and begin your job search. The website looks very similar to another popular social media site. It is social networking but for careers. You can post pictures, videos, and status updates. There are articles for career advice or news information. There are pages for groups with your similar interests and a messaging portal for people to reach out to you.

Moving onto the My Network tab, you will see your current connections, contacts and people you can follow. This is where you will add your own personal contacts. Don’t limit yourself to only people working in your field. Connect with people from all industries, or from all areas of your life. You never know who might know of an opportunity – or who might be able to put you in touch with someone that can help you in your career.

The Jobs tab lists your job searches and companies hiring. It contains helpful links to resume prep, interview prep and posts job alerts. Get the app if you are actively searching.

The Notification tab updates you all day long about posts made by people/companies you are following.

Don’t rush when putting up your profile. Take your time creating your resume and building your following. The recommendations and job opportunities will come sooner than you think! Stay motivated and keep networking to help you get your dream career.