Dealing with Deployment

Let’s face it, deployments are rough. With each and every deployment, military spouses pick up tips and tricks on how to deal with the separation, the intermittent communication, and the things that will inevitably go wrong in your spouse’s absence (flat tire, flu, leaky pipe, etc.). But the fear and worry? Those are always present and often the most difficult to deal with. In fact, worrisome thoughts can seem to literally echo off the walls when your spouse is deployed.

To make deployment easier, military spouses all over the world have shared tips such as:

  1. Don’t watch the news.
  2. Have a weekly countdown calendar (not daily…the weeks will seem to go by faster).
  3. Reach out to family, friends and other military spouses to share time, advice and childcare.
  4. Get in a routine, but also keep in mind that it’s okay to do whatever feels best for you and your children to spice things up occasionally (pizza for breakfast anyone?).
  5. Stay connected to your spouse in whatever ways possible. Facetime, Skype, phone calls, and care packages all help the time go by for both of you.

There are many articles suggesting types of self-care to practice during your spouses’ deployment including suggestions to:

  1. Join a gym. Working out can improve mental health and relieve both stress and depression.
  2. Hire a weekly sitter. It may seem like a luxury, but two hours to yourself every week will rejuvenate you in ways you can’t imagine!
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. This is a great time to cut negativity from your life. We all know who lifts us up and who drags us down. Limit or stop communication with the latter.
  4. Start a journal to capture your thoughts and emotions. Writing them down can help you get them off your mind so that you can face the day.
  5. Stay busy. Volunteer at a local food pantry, animal shelter, or at your child’s school.

We’d like to add another idea. What about focusing on career training while your spouse is deployed? Online programs make it possible to study anytime, anywhere, and the coursework can do a lot to fill those hours until your spouse comes home.

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While you are taking care of others, make sure to take care of yourself. Explore online career training with Ed4Career. We have a team of military spouses and veterans available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more!