Drug & Alcohol Counselor: How you can make a difference!

Alcohol and drug abuse among veterans are known issues. The use of alcohol and illicit drugs among active duty members is becoming more of an epidemic. The organization American Addictions Centers states, “In 2015, 30% of active-duty service members were binge drinkers. More than 5% were heavy drinkers. Just over one-third either engaged in hazardous drinking behaviors or met criteria for alcohol use disorder (AUD).” The amount of active duty service members that use illicit drugs is less than 1% due to the zero-tolerance policy that the military holds.  However, many members are prescribed opioids due to injury which has led to the abuse of prescription pain killers as well.  As a military spouse, these must be startling statistics!

How can you help?

As a drug and alcohol counselor, a main part of the job is helping individuals whose lives have deteriorated due to the use of drugs and alcohol. Counseling and treatment are the building blocks to a new life for an addict. Drug and alcohol counselors have the opportunity to not only work in substance abuse centers, but also in prisons or community centers. They work with a variety of staff to come up with a plan to make the addict successful in becoming, and staying, sober. This does not just mean going through detoxification and removing the drug from the system, but also getting to the root of what is going on in the mind of the patient that is leading to the drug and alcohol use to begin with. 

Ed4Career’s Drug & Alcohol Counselor Professional program offers the opportunity to learn the basics of drug and alcohol addiction, the different substances that are abused, who is most likely to be affected by addiction, as well as how to help with treatment and counseling. An advantage to this program is the inclusion of our abnormal psychology course which allows an insight into psychological disorders and how they contribute to addiction. In the military this could be related to combat experience, psychological distress or the overall culture of the military. You will learn how to identify different substance abuse disorders and what causes these diseases and also be able to work with a team to come up with a treatment plan for a client.

Our active duty members and veterans deserve trained drug and alcohol counselors to help them overcome these addictions. Start making a difference today!

At Ed4Career, we offer a variety of courses on drug and alcohol counseling. The professional program provides a bundle of courses including Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 1, Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 2 and Abnormal Psychology.  Upon successful completion of our Drug and Alcohol Counseling Level 1 and Level 2 courses, students may be prepared, in part, to sit for licensing and credentialing exams (each state has its own regulations).