Ed4Career Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer has been with Ed4Career for 11 months, and with the marketing department for eight. She focuses her efforts primarily on the Military Career Education brand, but also works with Marketing Manager, Angela Caban, on various company branding projects. Her daily tasks includes, researching content to share on social media platforms and also creating original content and graphics for our blog and campaigns. If you have ever interacted or discussed something through our Facebook or Twitter account, chances are you were speaking with Jennifer. She holds an associate’s degree in business administration from Camden County College, she majored in political sciences with a focus on the Middle East while attending Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Jennifer’s family keeps her quite busy when she’s not hard at work for us. She and her husband, Tim, have been married for six years and they have two small children. Her husband is a 19 year veteran of the Army Reserves. Together, they have experienced two deployments, one in 2006 to Kuwait and another in 2009 to Iraq. She has served in support of the FRG program and supports her husband’s unit or individual soldiers when needed. She’s also an avid Philadelphia sports fan.

In her free time, Jennifer likes to read, write, cook, practice yoga, and dabble in photography. She is the author of the blog Also Known As…the Wife. She’s been a featured contributor to BlogHer.com and a guest poster on SpouseBuzz.com. Her goal for the year is to finish a novel she’s been writing for the past several months.

When asked what advice she had for someone considering going back to school, she said, “Study something you have a passion for, not something that you think will make you wealthy or give you a status.”

Her favorite quote is an Irish proverb that says “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” A great tip for almost anyone!