The Face Behind the Content

I recently read an article that estimated that consumers are presented with 3,000-4,000 pieces of marketing content per day. Per day. As you can imagine, with that influx of information, it is sometimes hard for content creators to make a connection with readers.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I’m Kris, and I blog for Ed4Career. I’m a real person, with a family, pets, friends, and a job I love.

Why do I love it? Ed4Career was built on the principal that we are forever changed by everything that we learn. Therefore, we set out to make learning easy and affordable for everyone. For those who are interested in career training or who are currently in the workforce and need to brush up on certain skills - we have courses for you. Thinking about going back to school but are afraid of the associated college costs? We have courses for you. For professionals who need to earn Continuing Education credit hours in their field – well, you get the idea!

This company grew out of our founders’ devotion to learning. To enabling learners to obtain the skills they need to get out there and change their life. To change other’s lives.

In addition to making education easier for our students, we make it easy for corporations to provide training to their employees – ensuring that everyone is up to date on the latest in their field. Our library of courses is available to individuals and corporations alike, and we are constantly growing our course catalog to try to meet the needs of learners everywhere!

We have a soft spot for our military and military families. Our page, Military Spouse Career Education, is full of information for military members and spouses. We have members on our staff who have transitioned from the military to civilian careers; and we have military spouses on staff who understand the fears and frustrations of the family supporting their soldiers. We even offer specialized training in careers that are ideal for those who relocate frequently; our portable careers are in fields that can travel with you, wherever you go.

We pride ourselves on providing what our learners need to be successful – in their lives and in their occupations. We offer education consultants, student orientation, online discussion boards, and even resume assistance. All these things are included to help our students be successful.

Visit us today and learn why Ed4Career is so amazing. I think you’ll be impressed and understand why the Ed4Career team is so passionate about what we do.

Take control of your future and your education with Ed4Career today!