Four Ways Online Learning Helps You Go Green

By: Jennifer M. Morrison

April 22 is Earth Day and many people will be taking some time out of their day to do something great from the environment. Any effort to help our environment is a noble task but it should be something we carry through our daily lives the whole year round. Online learning is actually a great way to “go green”. Don’t believe me? Here are four ways online learning is green friendly.


1.No commute. When you take an online course you’re reducing your dependency on fossil fuels to power your car and keep it running in good condition. You’re also reducing the amount of emissions your putting into the air.

2.Paperless. Online courses reduce the amount of paper used by instructors and students. Many of the textbooks used are available in an electronic format and handouts and other course materials are available for download. Students no longer need to print out papers and hand them in, they can be emailed directly to their instructor. 

3.Reduced infrastructure. Online learning eliminates the need for classrooms and instructor offices which reduces the demand for electricity, heating, and cooling large spaces and water needs for restrooms. It also reduces the need for land to build on.

4.Green education. Many institutions, including Ed4Career, are offering courses and programs focused on green initiatives like solar energy and sustainability. Educating the next generation on green skills and technology will help make these initiatives more available to the general public.

Online education is not only a great fit for the student it’s also a great fit for the environment.