The Gift that Gives Back: Invest in You!

By: Angela Caban

We live in uncertain economic times where many think, “Why should I spend money on an education?” You may hesitate to do so, but these investments can really pay off and advance your career. I am not only talking about the monetary investment, although that may sometimes be the biggest factor in going back to school, but the investment of time.

One of the main ways to invest in your career is through education. When you make an investment in your education, you invest in yourself.

Complete an Online Course
Completing a Career Course, Professional Development Course or Personal Enrichment Course can be the determining factor of many things for your career. Getting that promotion, learning a new skill or even changing careers!

What if you don’t have a career? Online learning is the best option for stay-at-home moms, parents of small children and even those new to the workforce and straight out of high school.

Workers who are already in the middle or later stages of their careers sometimes don’t have the time to invest in going back to school, so online learning is also a great option for them.

Employers do value someone who has invested in their education because:

  • This person is willing to invest in themselves and shows a dedication to self-improvement
  • This person has the ability to see something complex through to completion
  • This person has the ability to employ critical thinking, reading, and writing at a professional level
  • What is holding you back from making the investment?

What is holding you back from making an investment in yourself?