Going Back to School has Never Been Easier!

According to "With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them", a survey designed to compare students who started, but didn't finish, their college education with those who received a degree, of the students who did not complete their college studies:

• 54% needed to work to support themselves or families and could not balance work and classes
• 31% could not afford college

A long-time proponent of helping adults pursue and complete degrees, The American Council on Education (ACE) has organized the Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) to create a more flexible pathway towards post-secondary education attainment for the more than 32 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree.

Under the ACP program, students can take courses from an approved list of 100 low-cost classes online and seamlessly transfer those credits to a participating school.

Forty colleges, universities and systems are taking part in the project and have agreed to grant credit for a large number of these courses, which include disciplines such as business, critical thinking and writing, foreign language, humanities, mathematics and natural and physical sciences. With both traditional and accredited online institutions engaged in the Alternative Credit Project, students have plenty of choices about where to further their education.

Ed4Career is a proud provider of courses for this innovative project! The American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT)® has evaluated and recommended college credit for Ed4Career's courses. Visit Ed4Credit to see the list of the courses offered by Ed4Career.

Ed4Career CEO, Dr. Rusty Barrier recently stated, “We’re honored to have been chosen to participate in this ground-breaking initiative to assist in helping students further their academic dreams and being part of the solution to reducing the cost of a college degree.”

For more information about Ed4Career, please visit https://Ed4Career.com/ and https://ed4credit.com/. For more information about the ACP program, please visit http://www.alternativecreditproject.com/.