Healthy Lifestyles Can Benefit Your Education

Going back to school can be a big change in your life. Suddenly you have to make time and adjust to either going to class or attending an online course. This change in routine can lead to a change in habits. Primarily it’s the healthy habits that get the boot out the door. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are three areas that you can make small efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will not only make you feel better but will actually benefit you in your education as well: sleep; nutrition; and exercise.


It may sound obvious but SLEEP IS GOOD!!!! It’s tempting to have a late night cram session before a test or stay up because you waited last minute to write your paper. Sleep actually improves your memory. During sleep your brain strengthens memories you experienced while awake. Learning Spanish? You’ll be able to speak it better with a good night’s sleep than without. It’s called consolidation. Seriously. Look it up! Sleep also seems to strengthen the emotional components of memory during sleep which may help ignite the creative process. Next time you forget an assignment that wonderful sleep you got will help you come up with a better excuse than the dog ate it.


You don’t have to be in a dorm to gain the 'freshman fifteen'. It’s very easy to sit in front of the computer and eat one chip, two chips, three bags later… When you eat healthy you actually increase blood flow to your brain. This keeps your brain sharp. It can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease! But it’s not your address you are worried about forgetting, it’s the formulas in organic chemistry you are concerned about right now. Reaching for baked, steamed and grilled foods rather than fried and favor baked can contribute a lot to having a healthier lifestyle while studying for school. If fast food is your easiest option, get the grilled chicken sandwich hold the mayo rather than the fried greasy one (extra lettuce doesn’t count as a healthy substitute).


Exercise has ridiculous benefits that can help with school! Let me break it down. Cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells. BOOM! Getting sweaty increases production of cells in hippocampus (didn’t make that up) responsible for memory and learning. BOOM! It increases concentrations of norepinephrine (real), a chemical that moderate the brain’s response to stress. BOOM! Exercise releases endorphins which creates feelings of happiness. Yeah happy buzz! BOOM! School can be stressful but don’t take it out on your lifestyle. The benefits of having a healthy lifestyle won’t just reflect in your waist size but in the effort and results of your education. Just like the terms hippocampus and norepinephrine, you heard it here first. If you already knew those terms then maybe a profession in healthcare should be on your horizon.