How to Start a Business as a Veteran By Sarah Bull

When you get out of the military, you must find a different job so that you can earn a decent living. There are many jobs available that are great for veterans, but one of the best career paths that veterans can choose is entrepreneurship. Here are five steps to take when you want to start a business as a veteran.

Choose the Type of Business You Want to Run

The field of business has many industries, so as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to launch any type of company. If you want your business to be sustainable, it is important to analyze your specific skills and determine what type of industry most interests you. You are more likely to build a successful business if you enjoy the field you are working in and believe in the products or services your company offers. Many veterans choose to open businesses in the following industries:

  • Fitness
  • Security
  • IT
  • Government
  • Maintenance

Draft a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is important for defining your vision for the company. This document details the specifics of your business and highlights goals for growth. It should also identify tangible ways you can work towards those goals. Although drafting a well-written business plan can be time-consuming, it is essential to ensure that your company does not stray from its core brand and values as it grows. There are many templates available online to help you create an effective business plan that can set your company up for success. You can also refer to this start a business guide.

Identify Your Target Audience

One study shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from companies that spend time on personal interaction. Identifying your target audience is essential for cultivating a marketing strategy that appeals to your clients. You must have a complete understanding of your customers and what they expect from your products and services if you want your business to be successful.

Understanding your target audience allows you to customize interactions to meet the needs of your customers. It allows you to offer better customer service to retain existing clients. If you aren't sure how to find your niche market, start by looking at the group of people that benefit the most from the products or services that your company offers. Your target market can be broad or specific. The broader it is, the more likely it is that your company will be successful long term. However, even a niche market can be successful when marketed correctly.

Pick a Business Structure

There are several types of business structures, and each one has various advantages. It is crucial to determine whether you prefer to work as a sole proprietorship or want to reduce your liability by forming a limited liability corporation. Choose the structure that best matches your vision for your company.

Start Marketing Your Company

Marketing your business is important because it lets your target audience know that your company exists. There are many advertising strategies to choose from, so it is important to understand how your niche market prefers to get its advertisements. Social media marketing and email marketing are two of the most cost-efficient advertising strategies that keep people engaged with what your business has to offer.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a great career path for many veterans. Use these tips from Military Spouse Career Education to start a sustainable business. 


About the Author: Sarah Bull is a single mom of two, an entrepreneur, and a penny pincher. She created her blog,, to share what she’s learned about growing a home-based business and making money online all while raising two awesome kids. Through her site, she hopes to inspire readers, especially fellow moms, to take their earning destinies into their own hands using her career and money-making advice.