The Importance of Getting Certified

In recent years, programs leading to certification have become increasingly popular. Learners of all ages are seeking the specialized training needed to succeed in the work place. Looking to advance in your current organization? Seeking a new career opportunity? As a professional, you want to present yourself as the best-prepared candidate a company could ever consider. Certifications are a great way to set yourself apart from the competition!

Certifications allow learners to obtain workforce-ready skills. Individuals are prepared for employment upon completion and possess the skills that employers want. Employers value professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise.

“Certificate programs of study have been identified as important to adult learners who are focused on workforce development and are concentrated in programs designed to prepare adult learners for specific workforce roles.”

Suzanne Buglione, Principal, CommunityBuild

Certificate programs provide learners with an opportunity to train and develop a specialized skillset. When you’ve earned certification, you show that not only do you take your career seriously enough to spend time and money on continuing your education and expanding your abilities, but also that you have knowledge in your field that not everyone will possess.

Workers today realize the value of increasing their proficiency in a particular subject and upgrading their credentials. Certification offers a flexible learning path for many students. Because of the competitive market, professionals must become lifelong learners by seeking out ongoing opportunities for training.

Earning certification not only positions you as a leader in your industry - it’s an investment in yourself and your long-term career.

Ed4Career has long recognized the appeal of certifications to serve learners’ needs and is proud to offer a wide range of courses that prepare the student for certification in their field. Many of our courses in Medical and Healthcare, Business, Sustainability, Coaching and Counseling, Skilled Labor, Creative Careers and IT prepare students to sit for and pass certification exams. Feel free to visit our website to learn more!

Please watch our video "Are Classes Mapped to National Certifications?" to learn more about the value of certifications and how Ed4Career can help.