The Importance of Having Your Own Career

Military spouse’s goals, careers, and dreams can often be cast aside during their soldier’s military career. With constant moves, deployments and being away from family, many spouses settle into the role of stay-at-home parents. The fact of the matter is that before you know it, it has been three years and you are still in the middle of your Associate Degree or haven’t even gotten the chance to register for courses to train for your dream career. And finding a career that can move with your during frequent PCS moves? It can be difficult.

Many spouses aren’t aware of the benefits they are entitled to as a military spouse. MilCareerEd is a resourceful site that offers assistance by providing the information you need and the programs you want to start your own career. Your life and career do not have to be dependent on your spouse’s. Courses are online and available to you anytime, anywhere – fitting easily into a military spouse’s unpredictable schedule. There are even portable career options available that allow you to bring your career with you wherever you move.

Let’s be frank, there is a famous, not-so-positive, name for the military spouse- “the DEPENDA”! Don’t let this become you. Be yourself and have your own identity outside of that of your spouse. Being a stay-at-home mom is no joke, and it is a full-time job. The IMPORTANCE of having your own career lies in being able to care for yourself and your children if something untimely happens. Without proper education for yourself, it will certainly be a struggle to start from square one should you ever need to!

There is up to $4,000 dollars in funding for qualified military spouses to get certified in dozens and dozens of career fields. Many programs only take 4-5 months. Books are covered and career training courses are done remotely. Check out the courses and programs available to you here to find something you’re interested in.

No one wants to discuss the negative aspects that come from the military life. Being a military spouse is hard. Do something for yourself fand get trained for a lucrative career of your own. Don’t let your future, dreams or goals fall behind.