Military Spouses: How to Choose the Right Online Course

You’ve made the decision to sign up for an online course. As a military spouse, this is a great way to further your education, as online courses can be completed anytime, anywhere. With frequent PCS moves, this is necessary!

With thousands to choose from, how do you select the right one to help you meet your needs?

  • Define your objective. What do you want from the course? Are you looking for complete career training? Do you want to upskill to stay current and competitive? Are you looking for personal learning and development? Before you start the search for a course, be clear on what it is you are hoping to gain from taking the course in the first place!
  • Do your research. Once you are clear on your objective, do ample research on the options available to you. Use search engines, check ratings and reviews, and reach out to a few providers to find out what they have to offer. Online courses come in many shapes and sizes; some offer mentors or instructors, others are self-study. Some lead to certification or offer badges for completion, others do not. And don’t forget about student support. You want to partner with a school or provider that will be there to assist you along the way!
  • Once you’ve whittled your choices down; review the course materials carefully before enrolling. Look over the course description and syllabus carefully. Are there set due-dates for assignments? Are you enrolled in the course for a specific time? Will you have group assignments, online chats, or other commitments that will need to be worked into your schedule? Does the course cover material you already know? If so, is there another course that might better suit your learning needs?
  • Explore financial aid opportunities available to military spouses. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Program and Workforce Innovation ad Opportunity Act (WIOA) offer benefits for military spouses to obtain career training.
  • Contact MilCareerEd. We are a resource for military spouse career training. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about how Ed4Career and MilCareerEd can help set you on the path to obtaining your education goals!

Once you’ve thoroughly vetted your options, it’s time to enroll! Expanding your knowledge, whether for career training or personal satisfaction, can be exciting! Making sure that you’ve selected the best courses for yourself will make that experience that much better!