Month of the Military Child

April is military child awareness month! Let’s give credit to the kids that keep us going and their ability to adapt to the military life.

There are many things we learn from our military children including resilience, sacrifice, and bravery. These are all traits that we, as adults, need when we are beginning a new phase in our life. Starting or finishing school after a long break, changing career paths, moving across the country, making new friends, and more!

As adults, it is so strenuous and sometimes scary when faced with upheaval and changes, but sometimes it’s even harder for our children. That is why we wear purple this month and celebrate our tiny adaptable warriors. Wearing purple and celebrating your military children is a great way to remind yourself that while our kids are growing through military life so can we.

In this year’s Proclamation of the Month of the Military Child, President Biden states:

“Each April, the Month of the Military Child provides a chance for us to recognize and thank the children of our service members and veterans.  I have always believed that America has a sacred obligation to prepare our troops when we send them into harm’s way and to support them and their families both while they are deployed and after they return home.  The First Lady and I recognize that it is not only those who wear the uniform that serve our country — it is also their loved ones, and especially their children. 

In the timeless words of the poet John Milton, ‘They also serve who only stand and wait.’”

Visit Military One Source and view their 2022 Month of the Military Child Toolkit to find out ways to celebrate and support military children this month and always.