Motivation Monday: Thinking vs. Doing

Think about what you are doing and what you want to do…

Why is it that some days our ideas blossom while other days we just sit at our desks and let our minds wander?

Some days we want to get moving. Other days we are antsy and can’t focus.

When we think of what we are thinking and what we are actually doing, it is as if we are only capable of using one mindset at a time.

Being able to manage our mindset will help us to optimize our thinking while trying to be creative. But how can we manage our mindset?

Here’s what works for me… distance.

Physical and mental distance tends to influence the way we think about things. When we are near to something in specific, we think about it most and want to focus on the ways we can interact with it.

Like working from home or going to school online, being close to our work engages the doing system. When we are far from it, we think about it more conceptually. The distance will engage our thinking.

So how can we be distant? Change your environment and spend some time elsewhere. How about a coffee shop or library?

Now think again…

If you place this distance between what you are actually doing and what you want to do, will you accomplish more?

Think about it, and then try it.


By: Angela Caban