New Year - New Career!

Another year has flown by. Time can move fast, especially when you are a military spouse. If you’ve had resolutions for completing a certification or a degree for multiple years, and it seems you’re at a snail’s pace for completing them, don’t let another year go by. You may be eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 dollars from the government to complete your career training!

Are you in a career field you don’t care for? Due to frequent PCS moves, many spouses take the easiest or first job they can find. Make this your year to find a career that makes you happy, gives you independence and provides you with your own identity.

Military Spouse Career Education (MilCareered) and Ed4Career offer career training programs for military spouses in portable, in-demand career fields - fields that are perfect for the transient lifestyle of military spouses! MilCareerEd, MyCAA and top colleges all work together to help military spouses complete the programs and obtain certifications in the field they desire. It’s easy to research the different types of careers and certification courses. Career training programs range from business, hospitality, information technology, legal, healthcare and more!

Are you worried about starting a new career? Concerned about the cost of books? Panicked at the thought of going to school with children at home? Ed4Career and MilCareerEd have you covered. Our courses are completely online – allowing you the ability to work at night or whenever best suits your schedule. There are free e-books, along with MyCAA financial aid for qualified spouses and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding from the government. Check out our Financial Assistance page for all the options that may fit you.

Take the time to do something great for yourself and for your family. Start career training and make your working career one you love. Don’t wait, start the new year right!