Nutritional Consultant Entrepreneur

Nutritional consultants, according to, provide sound nutritional and health advice to clients. Their clients could include private companies, individuals or public health organizations. Some of their responsibilities consist of:

  • Planning well balanced meals
  • Advising on best nutrition practices
  • Suggesting lifestyle changes
  • Preparing food for clients
  • Setting up food programs and services within the community
  • Shaping wellness in the community
  • Participating in health fairs lists these five careers that you may hold with a certification as a nutritional consultant:

  • Weight Management Consultant- these nutritional consultants are focused primarily on weight management. They are often employed by wellness spas, hospitals, large gyms and weight management programs.  They may also work at facilities that deal with eating disorders where they work with clients on a healthier physical and emotional approach to food.
  • Sports Nutritionist- this could include working with athletes on a professional or semi-professional sports team.  These nutritionists often work in rehabilitation centers so physical and occupational therapy can be supported by proper nutrition. These nutritionists are also often hired on the side as independent consultants.
  • Spa Consultant- spas are no longer just massages and relaxation. Wellness spas are expanding their services and offering meal planning advice, assistance with food ordering and developing workshops to promote and educate on nutrition.
  • Corporate Nutritional Consultant- companies realize that healthy employees are more productive.  They are taking steps to implement employee health which may include a nutritional consultant.  This could include workshops for employees or developing meal options for employee cafeterias and spreading healthy food initiatives.
  • Healthy Eating Instructor- new classes are popping up daily on healthy cooking and eating.  Nutritional consultants are working independently at schools, kitchenware stores, farmers markets and house parties to promote healthy eating and teaching others how to use healthier food in their everyday lives.

More people are looking to nutritional consultants for advice on eating better and having an overall healthier lifestyle.  Careers as nutritional consultants and dieticians are expected to rise 11% from 2018 to 2028 according to  This career offers the flexibility of working with a company or creating your own consulting business.

Starting your own business as a nutritional consultant offers flexibility when relocating.  Military spouses are in need of portable careers as they are moved around often as their spouse gets a new assignment. lists consultation as one of the five surprisingly portable careers. With the technology we have today, consultation can be completed anywhere. Even after relocating, consultation can be done over the phone or video chatting. While developing a new group of clients in your new location, you can continue to consult with your current clients from your previous location. If you are passionate about healthy eating, leading a healthy lifestyle and starting a career that can travel with you, check out our course in nutritional consultation today!

Ed4Career offers programs in health and fitness including the Nutritional Consultant Entrepreneur program which includes Nutritional Consultant and Start Your Own Business courses.

Upon successful completion of our Nutritional Consultant course, students will be prepared for an entry-level position as a nutritional coach and will be prepared to sit for the NCCB national certification exam to become a Certified Nutritional Coach (CNC).