The Role Gender Plays in the Job Search

To better understand how gender impacts job searches, LinkedIn recently analyzed data on “billions of interactions between companies and candidates from job applications to recruiter outreach and hires”. Their complete findings can be found in the new Gender Insights Report.  

LinkedIn's research shows that while men and women are equally interested in learning about new opportunities, and career growth is a priority for both genders, women are less likely to apply for the jobs they find than men are. This may be because women indicated that they were hesitant to apply for a position unless they felt that they met 100% of the recruiting criteria. Men, on the other hand, were not as stringent in that regard and would apply even if they only met 60% of the qualification requirements.

The study also found that, compared to men:

  • Women are 16% less likely to apply for a job after viewing the listing
  • Women apply to 20% fewer jobs
  • Women are 26% less likely to ask for a referral to a job

The data makes one wonder; by only applying for positions for which they feel they meet 100% of the qualifications; are women taking themselves out of the running for jobs they may have gotten otherwise? Why are women hesitant to ask for referrals that might get them the position they seek?

This is my call to action. Be fearless in your search for a better position. Take chances. Stretch the limits of your imagination just a little bit. The next time you are faced with a list of qualifications for a job you are interested in; look at your resume with an open mind. Some of your existing skills and experiences might translate over to exactly what the company is looking for. If you have skills gaps that you need to fill, Ed4Career’s online Career Training and Personal Enrichment courses can help you obtain the training you need to be successful in your career.

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