Schooling While OCONUS

Starting a MyCAA course while overseas or out of country isn’t usually an option, but continuing certifications or courses that don’t require on-the-job training is allowed. If you want to look into a certification course before you head overseas check out MilCareerEd. If you are already enrolled at a college or university, it may be possible to continue on your educational journey while OCONUS. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way.

  1. Be aware of the time zone difference first and foremost. Your due dates and classes will stay on their current time zone, and you will need to be knowledgeable about turning in and completing assignments on time.  
  2. Inform your professors or counselors right away that you are either moving and where you will be located or let them know moving is a possibility when you first begin the semester. Many professors will help you out with extensions and are very understanding.
  3. Work ahead before you leave the country if possible.
  4. Check for what kind of outlet converter you will need for the country you will be staying in.
  5. Plan ahead and research places with WiFi you can go to right away to check in with school when you arrive at your OCONUS destination.
  6. Get information on setting up your WiFi at your new home as soon as you can.

The pressures of moving overseas are really tough, especially if you want to continue on your education plan. Planning ahead can help tremendously and make the journey a little more enjoyable.

Military Career Education is a service of Ed4Career and was created to make it easy for US military spouses to learn about career & vocational education options. We are a virtual education gateway to help you obtain the information and resources needed in order to find the best career that fits you and your lifestyle.

While you can be successful going to school OCONUS, it might not be for everyone. Check with the program provider or you school or university if you need to take a semester off to find out your options.

As a military spouse you are always ready to up and go at any moment. This life trains you to be ready for anything – but you don’t always have to put your life or learning on hold. Become informed, review your options, and take the steps necessary to be successful! Good luck!