Six Apps for Students

Jennifer Morrison, a blogger at Military Career Education, compiled a list of iOS and Andriod apps for students to utilize and optimize their time. We've taken her list and added a couple suggestions of our own. Read below to learn more about some of the great apps that are available! 

My Homework Student Planner

This app allows you to track your course schedules and assignments, and organize them by due date and class. You can also sync your syllabus and resource materials. 


In a recent product review, Edudemic reports that Study Habits is intended to be an app that “teaches effective study strategies, empowering [students] to learn how to manage their time.” The app syncs with the student's calendar and the planning feature allows students to input due dates and set assignment completion goals to help them stay on track. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the app aims to help students become "self-regulated learners".


Using Dropbox allows you to save assignments and projects and open up the documents whenever and wherever you are.


Evernote allows you to easily take notes, save articles, link to websites, dictate and organize with as little or as much detail as you want. You can also take pictures, create to-do lists, and some versions will even help create practice tests for you to use as a study aid. is a fun interactive site that allows you to save favorite words (or your most commonly misspelled ones), search for spellings and definitions offline, and even gives you a word of the day to help broaden your vocabulary.


Grammerly is more than a dictionary; it also works as a plagiarism tool, checking your text against over 8 billion web pages. This app also makes vocabulary suggestions based on the context of your writing. Even more, Grammerly runs it's "contextural spellchecker" function to spot commonly confused words (i.e. loose, lose). Finally, Grammarly "scans your text for proper use of more than 250 advanced grammar rules." Your writing, only better!


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