Skilled Trades in America

The equation of Skilled Trades is a simple one...
Skilled Trades = America. Without Skilled Trades, there is NO America. We live in a country that is constantly growing and with this growth, we are in need of more skilled laborers.

Laborers shape our world, and that is a huge responsibility. Think about it. How many times a day do you depend on the work of skilled trades? Anything from roads, cars, house, electricity, plumbing, food, clothes and even your bed! Everything around you was made by someone who works in the trades.
And they call them  Skilled Trades for a reason, you need skill to do the job. Not just anyone can do this work.
So what's the problem?
"The jobs that are available are available because people don't want them," stated Mike Rowe, former "Dirty Jobs" host. "Why don't people want them? Because for the last 40 to 50 years, we've done a really good job of marginalizing those jobs."
As stated by the Department of Labor, "We're going to be short about one million tradespeople by 2020." That's a lot of jobs! The right people are needed in order to do the job right. That can't happen if working in the trades isn't seen as something positive, something to respect and be proud of.
So, although the mission is simple, it is also an important one. People must notice the importance of Skilled Trades and what a need these laborers are to our country.
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