Stay Healthy With a Hectic Schedule: 3 Tips

By: Angela Caban

It's no secret that we live a very fast paced lifestyle. Juggling career obligations, family needs and trying to fit a semblance of a social life into the mix often leads us to live in a way that is not conducive to long term health. We all tend to make the same excuses about not having enough time to remain healthy.

However, there are ways to keep yourself running at maximum capacity, even if you are working long hours and have a great deal of responsibilities to take care of outside of work.

Here are some tips on how to do so, without compromising your busy schedule.

1. Sleep

Sleep is often sacrificed in the name of maintaining the status quo. While it may seem like the prudent choice to push yourself and promise to "sleep when you're dead", consistent sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems. Even if you are unable to get the necessary eight hours of sleep per night, studies show that most adults are able to survive on seven hours each night.

Outside of the obvious risks of falling asleep behind the wheel or on the job, a lack of sleep also leads to increased cravings for salty and sweet junk foods. When the body's energy reserves are consistently depleted, the need for a sugar high to carry you through the hard parts of your day significantly increases.

2. Cuisine

A healthy diet is one of the most common casualties of the busy schedule. When we constantly fill up on quick, easy fast food, instead of consuming healthy meals, the health complications can be quite dire. Rather than always going out for lunch or ordering in at dinner time, making healthier dining choices helps our bodies run at peak capacity.

Since unhealthier foods tend to leave us less satisfied, this has the unintended consequence of increasing the time we spend eating. By consuming healthier, more filling foods, we are able to preserve valuable time and also lower our blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease.

3. Exercise

We've all made the excuse before about not working out due to time constraints. But there are many short workouts that can be easily added to your schedule.

Whether you decide to use your lunch break as an opportunity to go for a brisk walk or you set aside 15 minutes each day to run up and down a flight of stairs, it is important to remain active. By doing so, you increase your body's metabolism speed, which helps to keep weight down and counteracts the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

These are three primary areas to focus on, where even the smallest tweaks can make a world of difference!