Ten Steps Closer to a Career Change

Monster.com states “The right career is a positive, productive and natural extension of you, your value system and your natural talents.”

People who work in careers that are well suited to them and their values are happier and healthier. If you’ve been experiencing discontent in your current position or feel like maybe it’s time for a change; the following steps will guide you in exploring if a career change is right for you.  

1.       Take a career assessment quiz – there are many free options online. Consider your strengths, talents, and skills that perhaps aren’t being utilized to their fullest extent in your current position.

2.      Find inspiration. Keep a “dream journal” where you capture your thoughts and feelings, or read up on different careers, making note of the ones that spark your interest.

3.      Realistically look at your financial situation. While we all want a career that is purposeful and meaningful; it is important to take a close look at all facets of your finances.  How will your income be impacted with a career change? Will there be a time of unemployment or under employment as you pursue your career goals? What is the cost of pursing additional training or education?

4.      Consider talking to a Life Coach or a Career Guide. These professionals can help you tap into your career aspirations and make suggestions of fields that might be a great fit for your interests and talents.

5.      Sign up for a class or a webinar in a topic of interest. Do you feel renewed? Can you see yourself pursuing a career that incorporates this type of work?

6.      Explore what steps would be necessary to pursue your dream career. This may mean additional training, course work or certification.

7.      Obtain any computer training necessary to be successful in your next career.  Become familiar with social media and the ways in which it can help you research possible career paths, get your resume noticed as you search for a new position, or spread the news about a new business endeavor.

8.      Network with everyone you meet. Put yourself out there and let others know that you are interested in making a change. You might hear of opportunities or meet someone who can help you reach your career goals.

9.      Do something every day towards your goal. No matter how big or how small – each step taken gets you that much closer.

10.   Don’t get discouraged. Be patient and steadily work towards your new career goal!

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Perhaps you’ve considered a career as a Travel Agent? A Paralegal? As an Interior Designer? Or maybe you are interested in starting your own business. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help!

Whatever career path you decide to take, make the most of it - and remain open to change as exciting new opportunities may present themselves along the way.