Tips to Help You Stay Organized

Once you make your goals for 2015, do you have a plan on how to stay organized and manage your everyday busy life? If you want to succeed in your professional life, you also have to have a solid plan for all things personal.

Here are 5 ways to stay on task and help you keep organized...

A place for everything: This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. To be organized, you have to have a place for everything, and leave it there! So anything from a box or bowl for your daily mail or keys near your door - keep it simple and organized. When you have a home for something and it makes sense to you, it’s going to make it easier to find it.

Calendar, agenda or apps: Some like paper calendars; others prefer calendars online and on their phones. Think of what works best for you, then use it. Writing something down not only serves as a great reminder tool, but it helps you stay on task and holds you accountable for the task. To-do lists are also a great tool to utilize!

Student tools: If you're a student or toying around with the idea of becoming one, having some handy tools on hand goes a long way. These apps will not only help you stay focused and successful as a student, but will help you in your organizing efforts.

Filing system: Use a system that works for you. The most important thing here is to make sure that you keep everything important separate. Business things should be in one file, while school documents, bills and other documents have their own areas as well.

Manage your passwords: Life these days includes entirely too many passwords. And it isn't safe to use the same password on different sites – plus many sites require you to change them from time to time. Creating a file in your computer that stores your passwords isn't very safe, so my favorite tool for this is an online password manager. What do I use? I am in love with LastPass, which has both a free and premium version.

What tips do you have to stay organized and rock 2015?