Top 5 Apps for Students

By:  Jennifer M. Morrison

Education has come a long way from thick textbooks and spiral bound notebooks. Technology has invaded every inch of education; as online students you know all too well how true that is. So while you’re taking your classes online it only seems obvious that your study aids and tools should get with the technological ages as well. We have compiled a list of the top five apps for both iOS and Andriod that we think every student should utilize to optimize their time as a student.

My Homework Student Planner

If you don’t already use a planner you need to immediately. This app allows you to track your course schedules and assignments, organizing them by due date and class. You can also sync your syllabus and resource materials. 

Amazon Student

Textbooks and learning materials are so expensive and it can become a part time job to hunt down a reasonably priced used version. Using this app, all you need to do is scan the barcode on the textbook and the app will tell you where you can buy it for cheaper. It also works in reverse when you’re ready to sell back your books and materials.


If you’re like many of our students, you are constantly on the go and may not always be able to bring your personal computer with you. Using Dropbox to save assignments and projects in progress allows you to open up the documents whenever and wherever you are.


Evernote is quickly becoming the technological answer to the notebook. It lets you take notes, save articles, links to websites, and dictate and then organize it with as little or as much detail as you want. You can also take pictures, create to-do lists, and some versions will even help create practice tests for you to use as a study aid.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, even spell check can’t figure out what it is you’re attempting to spell. is much better at determining what you’re trying to spell. It’s also more than a dictionary. It works as a thesaurus, allows you to save favorite words (or your most common misspelled ones), search for spellings and definition offline, and even gives you a word of the day to help broaden your vocabulary.

What are some of your favorite education apps?


Disclosure: We are not affiliated with these products and have not received any compensation to mention these products.