Two Tips to Help Stop Procrastination

By: Guest Blogger

Being a mom is the greatest gift that I have ever received, I couldn’t imagine my life without my children. But as most parents know, children can certainly be a handful. Throw going back to school into the mix of working from home with kids, and life can get very crazy. It takes structure and time management skills on my part to be able to get everything done each day. Here are TWO tips to help you stop procrastination and be productive, they surely do help me each and every day.

1. Change your Mindset

The most important tip I can give you to help stop procrastination is to change how you think about unpleasant things you have to do. Think of it this way, we all have to do certain tasks that we don’t necessarily want to do, or are not in the mood to do. However, this is just a part of life and the faster you get it done, the quicker you can go do things that you actually want to do. Whenever you have something in life that you are not looking forward to doing, like writing a research paper in my case, tell yourself that this is not going anywhere and you might as well work on it now to get it out of the way. Treat yourself to doing something that you enjoy after you complete your task, this will help you stop procrastinating because you know there is a reward waiting for you.

2. Stop Procrastination at the Computer

Many people feel the struggle every day when they turn on their computer to get work done and then find themselves on Facebook or any other type of website you would rather be looking at. The best tip I can give you for getting more work done while at the computer is to turn all running tabs in the background off. I have tried to work many times while I had Facebook open on another tab and it was nearly impossible. Each time I received a new notification I checked it and then I found myself spending more time on Facebook than actually doing the work I was supposed to be doing. Make sure you only have necessary tabs and websites open when you are working, this will help you tremendously.

What procrastination tips help you?