The Ultimate Deployment Survival Guide

It's the dreaded “D" word! No it’s not diet or divorce, its deployment! In every military spouse’s life he or she will have to face a deployment at least once, if not multiple times. My husband and I have been through five deployments. It never gets easier, but there are ways to make it more tolerable.

  • Don’t Dwell on the Bad

Don’t fret leading up to the deployment. Feeling sad and miserable will ruin the time you have left to spend together. Do not blame or be angry at your spouse for “leaving you.” Remember this is their job and you signed up too!

  • Be Prepared

Make sure you have a power of attorney so if something arises while your spouse is gone you can take care of it. Be sure you have access and account information to all the household bills. Talk money! Discuss how family finances will be managed, if you will have separate accounts, how you communicate purchases and what to do with the extra money your spouse receives while deployed. Check out this article for ways to save money during deployments. 

  • Communicate

Before your spouse leaves talk about your communication expectations and your spouse’s limitations. You may want to talk every day but he may not have the ability to do so. Understand there will be times your spouse can not talk, skype, FaceTime, etc., after all he/she is working. Try old school communications like letters, postcards, and packages. It adds some romance and gives you both something to look forward to. Try some of these care package tips to get those creative juices flowing!   

  • Accomplish your Goals

What is a better way to pass the time during a deployment than to better yourself? Make goals you can complete before the deployment is over. Setting and accomplishing goals will occupy your time and give you a sense of pride. Education is always a great goal to work towards while your spouse is away. Some online education programs can be completed in as little as six months. In some cases you will be on the road to a new career by the time your spouse returns home! If you are interested in making the most of your time apart contact us at We want to help you realize your goals!