Uncertain Times

COVID-19 certainly has everyone’s attention. Communities are pulling together to help try to control the spread of the virus. Elected officials are making the best decisions they feel they can make at this time to protect their communities. Schools are closing to try to squelch the virus’s spread. Neighbors are offering a lending hand with childcare or a hot meal.

As coronavirus cases rise, some 2,050 citizen soldiers and airmen have been activated by state governors, and that number was reported to likely double by this weekend.

According to Air Force Gen. Joseph Lengyel, as of March 19th, “Governors in 27 states have activated parts of their National Guard units to counter the effects of the contagious virus, known as COVID-19, with medical testing, transportation, logistics support and, potentially, law enforcement responsibilities.”

In light of businesses, schools and organizations temporarily shutting their doors, many people are facing job uncertainty. Theme parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, convention centers, travel – there will be no industry left untouched by current events.

Companies that are able to set up work remotely are doing so. Unfortunately, other companies are having to suspend or lay off employees until the economy takes an upward turn.

We are finding that there are no guarantees. We can wash our hands, stay out of crowded areas, and still catch the virus. We can have dedicated years of service to our company only to find that we are now facing employment uncertainty because the type of work we do can’t be supported in (or doesn’t parlay into) a remote type of position.

How can we protect ourselves? I believe that staying current in skills, knowledge and training is the best way. By not being complacent, we can try to stay ahead of the curve. By staying current, and being agile and adaptable, we will come out on the other side of this storm stronger.  

Take this time to learn new skills. Take this time to train for a career in a completely different field. Brush up on your office skills and mastery of Word. Learn about Excel and PowerPoint and all that you can do with these programs. And don’t forget to hone your soft skills too, including communication, time management, email etiquette, and more.

Focus on what you can do now. We’re here to help.

Ed4Career offers high quality curriculum in the areas of career development and personal enrichment. We have courses on Personal Stress Reduction and Relaxation and Stress Reduction and I think we could all benefit from a little of that right now; don’t you agree?

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