Understanding Adult Learners

Christopher Pappas of eLearning Industry recently published an article entitled,10 Adult Learning Facts and Stats that eLearning Pros Need to Know.”   
Below are a few of the adult learning principles adapted from the adult learning facts and stats shared in that article. Please read the complete article for a more extensive and detailed review of the principles and how they apply to eLearning professionals.

What’s special about adult learners?

1. They prefer information to be relatable and appreciate real-life experiences and situations being incorporated into their lessons.

2. They appreciate being able to work on their own schedule. Adult learners are often selecting online courses because of the flexibility of doing coursework around other commitments.

3. These learners come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Therefore, they learn best from courses that Include a mixture of learning materials; textbooks, podcasts, charts and graphs, images, etc.

4. Adult learners like to engage on social media and in a course’s online chat room. This gives them the opportunity to get to know other online students, share information and insight, and build a community of support.

5. Adult learners often deal with a variety of other commitments in addition to school including family and work. Time management is key for the adult learner, and it’s important for both the learner and the instructor to understand there may be bumps along the way.

6. These learners are motivated by progress. Courses that include milestones so that learners can track their progress are appealing to this group. By visually seeing goals accomplished, online adult learners will stay motivated to continue.

7. They learn by doing. If the course subject matter allows, it’s important to provide learners with opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice.

8. Regular breaks in online lesson plans will ensure that these students have time to absorb the information they have just learned.

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