What Certification Program Best Suits You?

You’ve found out about the awesome MyCAA grant offered to military spouses, and you want to take advantage of it. The question is - which career training opportunity you should choose?

Here are ways to help you narrow down your choice.

  1. Take some time to think about what you like to do and what your skills are strongest in.
  2. Decide what’s most important to you - attaining a certification in a field that makes the most money or one that might not make quite as much but that you think you might be more interested in?
  3. Select one of Ed4Career’s Top College Partners. Click on one of the MyCAA College logos and see exciting online courses you can take. There are many career courses to choose from. We are certain you will find the course or program that fits your needs!
  4. Explore the length of time for each program. If you spouse is close to finishing their military career you must be able to finish your program before their contract is up.
  5. Research the job outlook for the different occupations and programs.
  6. Contact MilCareerEd. Military Career Education is a service of Ed4Career and provides a place to learn about career & vocational education options for US military spouses. We are a virtual education gateway to help you obtain the information and resources needed to find the best career that fits you and your lifestyle. Our military spouse and veteran team of education counselors can help answer any questions that you have and explain the different career training programs available.

Narrow down your options and discuss your goals with your spouse, family, or friends. It helps having someone to talk to and go over your choices with.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!