Why Employers Should Hire Military Spouses

Military soldiers are highly recognized and celebrated for their sacrifices for our country. And rightfully so! They are on call 24 hours a day and have tremendous physical and mental demands placed on them. However, a lot of times the soldier’s spouse is overlooked for their strenuous work at home, and the many skills sets they possess when it comes to being hired. Hiring managers should be aware of the different talents and insights that a military spouse has learned over the years. Spouses have learned to keep track of finances, juggle family and work, all while being the backbone of the house while their military member is serving their country. When asked to relocate, the military spouse must be ready to pack up and start all over again.

A military spouse may feel pressure from family and friends to keep a career while balancing the many demands of the household. But how can military spouses start, or even continue a career with the frequent moves they may face? Many jobs require several years of past experience from the applicant. Moving in and out of different towns or cities makes it very hard to get a job, or to keep the continuation of work going, especially with children. Day care is very expensive, updating resumes to fill in the blanks and listing the short time at jobs in between PCS moves doesn’t always look great. A military spouse sometimes loses their independence and identity with creating their own career because of this.

A note to employers: Military spouses would like you to know several reasons why they are astounding candidates for hire.

First, they are highly adaptable to new environments, meeting new people and adjusting to new situations. They do this fairly quickly while trying to make a new location feel like home for their family. They keep track of all documents for the entire family, manage the finances during this time and are often responsible for transferring all information over to the new location. Go ahead and give it a try. You will quickly realize how much information needs to be organized and kept track of and how time consuming it can be. And then understand that you’ll need to do it all again in 2-3 years. 

When searching job requirements for different positions, many employers are looking for an employee who is resilient, patient, flexible and can work in a fast-paced manner. Coincidentally, military life requires these skills too! Military spouses already possess these abilities, they aren’t something that need to be learned.

Another quality includes working hard without recognition. When you live far from family and friends and your spouse is away a lot of the time, most of the extremely hard and tiring work that is done by a spouse goes unrecognized. But surprise! Everything gets done anyway. Spouses learn to work for their family and for the spouse sacrificing for our country. Military spouses are adept at keeping the home functioning without being praised for it. Although this issue has been brought to the surface by the military community recently, many spouse’s talents go unrecognized by the outside world. At work, military spouses can be relied on to do whatever is necessary to get the job done!

Is the job fast paced or high stress? Military spouses are familiar with that! In a moment’s notice they know how to get a uniform tailored, cleaned and ready for inspection or can pack up and leave their current home in a blink. They deal with their spouse being overseas in dangerous situations while continuing to be positive and supportive of both the soldier and their family. Working under pressure is something that military spouses are very familiar with!

Military spouses sometimes don’t know the skills they have or how to convey them in a resume for employers. Translating their real-life skills into resume jargon may not come naturally. Hiring managers need to learn to read between the lines and give military spouses the opportunity to explain those gaps in their resume and talk about the hard skills and people skills they’ve learned over years in the military. Skills like working under pressure, working quickly, efficiently and working for the good of the company and not just themselves. These are just a few reasons why employers should consider a military spouse

Military spouses have career aspirations like many of us. Let’s help them reach their goals!

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