November 24th, 2014
Angela Caban

By: Jennifer M. Morrison

The holidays are always a time to make military members and their families long for the familiarity of their hometown, some cases home country.  Often times it’s difficult for families to make the trip back home because of leave availability, training schedules, and money.  So if you’re planning on celebrating the holidays far from home this year, we have some tips to help make it as festive as possible.

Embrace It

November 21st, 2014
Angela Caban

By: Jennifer M. Morrison

For the last half century, the idea that a four year degree is the only way to secure a career and the middle-class has permeated our educational system. This idea has caused a myriad of problems including an economy left without skilled trade workers and high school students who are either force themselves into four year degree programs or those who are left adrift unsure of their next step.

November 18th, 2014
Angela Caban

Planning to leave the military can be frightening. On it's own, the military is a different world. This world we live in day-to-day, and now everything is changing. Whether you are thinking about it or have started the process, don't let the thought of planning out your life overwhelm you.

So, where do you start?

November 9th, 2014
Angela Caban

Look around at all the people that surround us in everyday life. Many of the people that are in our lives or have an effect on our lives are veterans. Veterans are very special people. They are a select group of individuals who looked deep within themselves and found what the true meaning of freedom meant. Without these people, we could not say “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

November 5th, 2014
Angela Caban

As we enter the month of November, we remember those who serve in the silent ranks... military families.

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is "What can we do to help you and your husband?"

We live in a mainly civilian community, my husband is Army National Guard so not many know we are a military family, unless they see our "Army Bumper Sticker" on our cars. :-)

As a military spouse, I am so very grateful that there are people out there who look for ways to thank us and help us when we most need it.

October 31st, 2014
Angela Caban

We hope you have been enjoying our positivity series. We hope that not only you have been putting these to good use in your own life and career, but that you have noticed the changes in your life!

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October 29th, 2014
Angela Caban

Dental Assistants are an essential part of any dentist's office. They interact with doctors, patients and other health professionals every day in a variety of capacities. They coordinate patient schedules and complete critical office work as well as schedule and confirm appointments, receive patients, keep treatment records, send bills, receive payments, and order dental supplies and materials.

October 27th, 2014
Angela Caban

If you are a military spouse in school or considering going back to school and are not in the traditional 18-23 age range, you are a non-traditional student… And that's okay!

What questions do you have about being a military spouse and going back to school? Ask us below...

October 24th, 2014
Angela Caban

We hope you have been enjoying our positivity series, but most important, we hope you have been putting these to good use in your own life and career.

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October 22nd, 2014
Angela Caban

The MyCAA program is a workforce development program for spouses of active duty military members. Eligible spouses can receive up to $4,000 in career education benefits funded through the Department of Defense.

Ed4Career offers programs that will train spouses for portable, in-demand career fields and are perfect for the transient lifestyle of our military spouses. We have a team of military spouses and veterans available to assist you. Contact us here: