August 1st, 2014
Angela Caban

What is a Teacher's Aide?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, becoming a teacher's aide is a good career choice because employment is expected to increase by 10 percent in the next decade. Teacher aides assist the lead teacher in the classroom with a variety of tasks and students. They may assist students in the classroom by helping them individually, as well as assisting teachers outside during breaks. They can choose to work with various populations, including special education children or preschool children.


July 30th, 2014
Angela Caban

Inspiration is everywhere — from the words of your favorite author to the blooms and leaves on your morning walk. You just need to open your eyes, and breathe it in.

Inspiration is that feeling that strikes you when you’re moved by something you’re passionate about. Inspiration can be the driving force that leads you to take a chance and do something great.

Our thought of the day, what inspires you? How can you use this inspiration to accomplish your goals? Think about it… take action!

July 28th, 2014
Angela Caban

Think about what you are doing and what you want to do…

Why is it that some days our ideas blossom while other days we just sit at our desks and let our minds wander?

Some days we want to get moving. Other days we are antsy and can’t focus.

When we think of what we are thinking and what we are actually doing, it is as if we are only capable of using one mindset at a time.

Being able to manage our mindset will help us to optimize our thinking while trying to be creative. But how can we manage our mindset?

July 25th, 2014
Angela Caban

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created to protect the American people from terrorist threats. According to their website, DHS's vision is a "secure and resilient nation that effectively prevents terrorism in ways that preserve our freedom and prosperity."

July 23rd, 2014
Angela Caban

The certificate seems to be little-understood. So let's talk about why a certificate can benefit you in your job search or current career...

First, job requirements will always vary based on the position and industry. This is why it is very important to think about what it is you truly want to do, then research the career and industry in your surrounding areas. A certification program can open up new opportunities for you and your career.

What is a Certificate?

July 21st, 2014
Angela Caban

Don't let the start of a new week drag you down! How we start the week will set the tone for how you end it.

Let's start a new motto, very similar to the one we say when it is Friday, you know... "Thank Goodness it's Friday" (TGIF). Instead ours will be, Thank Goodness it's Monday!

Positive thinking helps with stress management and can give you the push you need to get motivated. Practice overcoming negative self-talk like, "Oh man, tomorrow is Monday", instead say "Tomorrow is Monday, I'm going to rock this week!"

July 18th, 2014
Angela Caban

Thinking about signing up for an online course, or are you already signed up?

Online learning is a great and super convenient way to advance your career and education. Here are a few tips to ease your transition into online learning.

Be prepared, have everything you need to start:

Locate the computer requirements document on the school Web site. Make sure your computer fits the requirements and you have the right peripherals (printer, speakers, microphone, etc) and software (Adobe Acrobat to read .PDF files, Microsoft Word for writing papers, etc.).

July 16th, 2014
Angela Caban

In traditional class settings, the instructor provides feedback to students vocally. There are lectures in which there is body language, or writing on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Students are able to comment or ask questions, interact with others in verbal discussions, collaborate with small groups, and give presentations.

There are very similar forms of interaction in an online course, with a few substantial differences.

July 14th, 2014
Angela Caban

Ready to attack the week?!

Imagine what the start of your week could look like if you approached it with a positive attitude...

Look at Monday as the first chance in the week to have a great start! Here are some motivation quotes to help you get started...


“Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?”
Wendy & Dennis Mannering

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”
Dr. Joyce Brothers

July 11th, 2014
Angela Caban

Making the choice to go back to school online can be a convenient way, but there's still quite a deal of work involved, and it's not always right for everyone.

How do you know whether you might benefit from online learning?