Legal & Law

Legal careers are growing rapidly. Join the fascinating field of law by getting trained to work in the legal arena.

All of our courses are 100% online and you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the programs available:

Legal Assistant/Secretary - Legal secretaries perform clerical duties at law firms and other legal offices. Unlike regular secretaries, legal secretaries require extensive knowledge of legal proceedings and documentation. They may do factual or legal research at all levels of a case and will often organize meetings, appointments, and dates for attorneys.

Paralegal - Our Paralegal course makes the paralegal field come alive for the student. It uses real-world examples, offering practical applications for each concept discussed. In this course, each student will gain a thorough introduction to not only the legal system in general but also to specific areas of the law and the paralegal's integral role as a member of the legal team. 

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